HELP!!! Please can some one help with visibility on Widgets

Hi, Hope, someone can help, I have been having some trouble with a widget inside a BluePrint. All I wanted was to have the widget appear and disappear when I walk up to it.
I am very new to UE4 and have been stuck on this for the last two weeks and wife has had enough and told me to seek help :slight_smile:

Ok, I manage to get some way with it.

  1. I made a widget with some test buttons that work. Ultimately I want these to trigger a material change to a specified static mesh.
  2. I made a BluePrint to call the widget and add it to the world… all good so far.
  3. I turned on the widget interactive tool, as wanted the buttons to be activated with the sight (with no cursor visible) all done and test buttons are firing and adding message to viewer which I should hopfully be able to set to change the colour of the cube or static mesh.
  4. The BIG problem. Setting visibility to NOT to show the BP until activated either by collision box or box trigger.

ok I tried everything I know, I even manage to get the box trigger to ‘Toggle Visibility’ when activated… all good only could not get the BP to be invisible at the start of the game (believe me I tried all the visibility setting in BP, Level BP, Event Graph even a failed attempt at 'Binding" visibility. (see image) All with limited success and with a multitude of diferent failers, not showing, not activating buttons even flicking on and off if I move the sight around a bit :frowning:

In my mind, it should be simple enough to ‘Get’ the widget component and ‘Set visibility’ but just can’t seem to get the right combination of nodes.

Any Help would be great and greatly appreciated (and may even save my marriage :slight_smile:

I’ve added a few images of the coding and where I got to… as it may help.