[Help!] Player State not working on Widget

Hello, I’m building a multiplayer game, and I’m having some issues with the Player State.

Here is the situation.

[img1] The Game Mode executes Event Post Login for every character in the game…

[img2] After passing through some logic it Casts to my custom Player Controller and executes a Custom Event named Client Host Login with “Execute on Owning Client”.

[img3] Inside my custom Player Controller, the custom Event Client Host Login will execute another custom event named Open Interface: Teams Selection (its in portuguese) also with “Execute on Owning Client”.

[img4] Pay attention to the circled nodes, I use a “Get Player Controller” to send a reference to my Widget.

[img5] Inside my Teams Selection Widget, I store the Player Controller Reference in a variable, from it I get the Player State, cast to my custom Player State (where I store variables such as Player Team, Player Element, Player Spells, etc) and also store its value in another variable.

[img6] Still inside Teams Selection Widget, After clicking a Button from the Interface, I get the Player State variable and set the value of the Player Team variable (inside the Player State), remove the widget from parent, cast to my custom Player Controller again, and execute the next Interface (Open Interface: Elements Selection).

Here is the problem! The Player State returns none, its like the cast to my custom Player State doesn’t work, and therefore the “set Player Team” doesn’t work as well.

[img7] Back to the Player Controller, you can see that I use the exactly same setup to open the next widget… I get the player controller to send a reference to the Widget. Same thing in img4.

[img8] Now inside the Element Selection Widget, once again, I’m using the same setup as before… BUT, this time it works, for some unknown reason to me, it works…

[img9] After the player click on the Element(button) of his/her choice, I get the Player State variable and set the Player Element, and it works just fine.

Now, to sum up everything…
Inside the first widget where the player is selecting his/her team, the cast to Player State fails, and my variable returns none, therefore the Player Team is set to default value “None”.
But after this, all other widgets which have the exactly same setup as the first one, in all of them the cast to Player State works, and the values inside it are set correctly.
After making lots of tests, I’m now stuck in this problem. So if you could identify the problem, please help me out.
Thanks you for the help!

the Player State class is a GameMode subclass and needs to be set in order to cast to it properly. If this isnt set within the project settings → Maps & Modes… your cast will fail. . . . however i’m unsuccessful in casting to it anyways.

IT IS a derived subclass - and there are pure functions into accessing it’s class default variables (see pic below). Any defaults you set within the custom PlayerState class you build - should show up when using this setup… Hopefully this helps!