[Help] player start

Hi everyone. I have three levels. The first one is the main menu, the second a House and the third is outside the House. If i play the game from the editor (starting in the House level) when i transition from House level to the outside Level (with open level) the character spawns the player start is. If i try to play the Game from the main menu as standalone Game(main menu creates the save files and that stuff) when i transition from House to outside It spawn the character at a random location(not at the player start or the 0-0-0 location). I have overwriten the choose player start on the Game Mode, i save a tagname in the Game instance so it matches the one on the player start but It does not seem to work. What should i do? I just want to spawn my character at the outside Level player start. (There is only one player start per level)
perhaps is simpler than the things im doing but i cant figure It out.

I don’t know how that system is supposed to work, but you easily move your player to the player start on BeginPlay.

Thank for your response. I was so dumb, I had not place my character into the map xD