[Help] Play animation when triggered (issues with Animation Montage)


So basically I just want the player character to play animation when ‘E’ is pressed near an object. So far it teleports to the right location and will ‘‘play’’ for the right duration, but it won’t actually be playing my animation.

I have a feeling I’m doing something wrong with the actual animation montage itself, but I have absolutely no clue what to do within the montage.
If anyone is able to point out what it is I’m doing wrong that would be amazing!

First things first.
You are telling the montage to play every time the timeline updates.
Pretty sure that’s not what you wanted in the first place.

Swap from the following of the teleport to the completed pin - and that should get something going.

It seems like the montage is set correctly, but triple check.
Does it play infinitely inside the montage view-port when you re-open it ? (seems to be set to loop, so it should).

If it still won’t play, The usual top reason for a montage to do “nothing” is a wrong skeleton.
You try and play an animation that belongs to something else on a character.
If that’s the case you get errors in your log.