[HELP] PixelStreaming: Mouse cursor disappears

I’m trying to stream this project with pixel streaming and I have a problem with mouse cursor (the problem doesn’t exist if I play the packaged game offline):

This is the blueprint to change material of the panels:
In scene you see the widget appears and you can change material by clicking on the buttons:

This is the first part of the blueprint, where I get the control of the mouse, when overlapping into the collision box.
Then I make the mouse disappears when I end overlap:

It works offline. I can enter and exit the collision box and the mouse appear and disappear.
In Pixel Streaming, playing with a browser, I enter, the mouse cursor appears, the blueprint works fine, and exiting the collision box the mouse cursor fade out. But, when entering again… there is no mouse cursor :frowning:
I noticed that moving the mouse, the buttons are highligthed and clicking on them I can use the blueprint.
So, it’s only the pointer that is not showing. The mouse seems to be captured…

Any thought / soulution to this?

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I’m experiencing the same issue and looking for the solution