[HELP] Physics Actor is Jitter in Multiplay game.


I produced a physical-based multi-playing game in ue 4.17.2
First, I produced NewActor, which inherited StaticMeshActor, and NewActor turned on the Replicated option and Replicate Movement option.
Within the TickFunction, SwitchHasAuthority been performed with the Add Force at Location (x : 1, y : 0, z : 0) only on the server.

It’s okay when you create only one NewActor, but when you show up at more than 16 NewActor in levels, the position or rotation is out of sync and you have hiccups.

I tried FInterpolate, Ease, etc., but they were unable to keep up with the server’s rotational speed and were unable to sync completely.

Do you have a solution?