Help! PC won't turn on! Only case fans and LED's turn on.


I’m not sure if this belongs in this forum, but General Discussion looks like it would be the closest.

I’ve ran into a serious problem and am in desperate need up help. I was just on my computer and left it for about 10 minutes while I ate dinner. When I came back it appeared to be in sleep mode; all fans were still, LED’s were off, and my power button light was blinking just as it always does when in sleep mode. I clicked the power button and at first I didn’t notice anything because my LED’s and case fans came on. Once I noticed my monitors weren’t turning on I looked over and noticed that my power button was still blinking and my CPU and GPU fans were not spinning. I moved my mouse around and pressed my keyboard and still nothing. I eventaully had to do a hard turn off and held down my power button until everything shut off. I waited 10 minutes and tried again, still nothing.

Please if you’re reading this and can share some info I’d appreciate it!

Also, this is a brand new PC that I bought and put together on fathers day (June 15th). everything has been running completely fine and there’s no way something got unplugged…well maybe, but I don’t think that’s a possibility.


First, wait an hour, and try again. It might be something overheating.

Then, it will probably be a loose wire. Check to see which lights on the motherboard light up, and get back to us. We can then tell you if the PC is booting up, or not getting to that point. Is it beeping, when you switch it on? If so, how many times?

Don’t worry, I’m sure it will be fine.

Fingers crossed!

Beeps are important. Lets us know how many long and short beeps you hear and in which order.

Also, unplug the power and let it sit. When you try it again and nothing is happening at all, then it’s probably the power supply, the alternative is the motherboard.

Try to unplug all external devices except to the mouse, keyboard and desktop.

Hey Harley,

I am not sure this is really the best place for general hardware issues, but we’ll see what we can do. Does the computer make any noises at all? Beeps matter. A few beeps can be the difference between a loose cord and a dead component.

This would be my first instinct too, since things are moving, but not coming all the way on. It may be that the power supply was not really strong enough, got pushed to work for a few weeks, then died. We would really have to know more to give a proper diagnosis, so that is just a guess. You wouldn’t happen to have a DXDiag for it would you?

Hey guys, thanks for all of the advice! It ended up working after I let it sit for a while and wiggled some cables. Sorry I haven’t responded until now, I got busy with 4th of July and stuff.

I do have one more question since this thread is now here. This is my first PC build and I’m a little worried about my graphics card, it doesn’t seem to be secured to the motherboard all the way. It is definitely snapped into the slot all of the way, but my concern is that it leans downward a little from the right side. I can wiggle it slightly by pressing up on the right side. Maybe this is normal due to the weight/size of the gpu, but since I’m a noob PC builder I’m paranoid.

If it makes a difference, I have the EVGA GTX GeForce 760 4GB

If it is screwed tightly to the case on the left side you don’t need to worry about it.

Also, the motherboard should have a thing that clips the graphics card in there, that wouldn’t allow it to come out without moving the clip.