[Help] PC Specs

Hello Unreal Engine Community!

I will keep this short and sweet. When it comes to PC specs and what is needed to run certain thing’s, I am totally clueless. So, I am here to ask for help / guidance.

I am looking to put together / buy a desktop that is ‘beefy’ enough to manage / run Unreal Engine 4.

My budget at the moment is £500 (however I can save up more). Would it be possible to build a PC with this amount that can handle UE4? If not, if anyone can compile a list of components that would be great fabulous!

Many thanks :slight_smile:

£500 is pretty low. Do you alredy have a screen, keyboard and mouse? Any other spare parts you can use?

If you got a screen it should be possible to get you started with learning the basics using the integrated graphics of the processor, and then get a separate video card as soon as possible.

When you already have a mouse, monitor, keyboard, soundcard, pc case, windows and fans you could buy my PC setup :slight_smile:

-GeForce GTX 660 Ti
-Intel(R) Core™ i5-3570 CPU @ 3.40GHz

(dont know which one I bought)
-a cheap motherboard
-a suitable power supply

I bought everything for around 500€ from different online shops (amazon sometimes also has some cheap offers)
You can find more PC specs in this thread:

If you wan’t you can save up for a better one in the future. Just do some odd jobs if you have the time, and you will be suprised at the money you can get.
Altough figter5347 probabbly made the best suggestion. If you need it now I would suggest you buy it soon. The Euro I believe is going to take a dump, and HARD. That’s the sad fact when the countries use Fiat money. Sigh. Sorry for venting. :slight_smile: