Help! Pawn isn't a valid subclass


I was trying to cook and upload a new version of my mod today, but I got these errors for some reason:

It seems to say something like: Error Default value ‘Dodo_PAD’ for SpawnDino is invalid: ‘Dodo_PAD’ is not a valid subclass of … (I assume this is the dino character pawn which is the parent)’

I also got this error for 3 other pawns with the same parent. The SpawnDino var is a variable in a widget and it is the class of Dino_Character_PAD. I checked the Dodo_PAD blueprint and its parent is Dino_Character_PAD and when I compile the Dodo_PAD it is ‘Good to go’.

The Dino_character_PAD has like 40 children, so why are these 4 not valid subclasses? This error doesn’t seem to make sense!

I did some more research and the error ’ … isn’t a valid subclass of …’ seems other people working with thd UE had the same error. Unfortunatly they all couldnt find a solution to this, except after an update it was fixed.

Is there someone who had this error with the Ark Dev Kit and fixes it or does someone has an ideo how to fix? Maybe some dev can help me?

I recreated all the blueprint that had the error, this fixed the errors! Now I can upload again. Why it suddenly started with these errors I dont know, because I hadn’t changed anything to the blueprints.