HELP: Passcode to unlock door

Hiyaa all,

I’m trying to create a mechanic in which the player inputs a passcode to proceed, like in the example below.

This is what I have so far…

All help will be very appreciative!


Sorry for basic mechanics, I am new to all this.

You have nothing going into your set nodes, so they will never be called.

Think about start middle and end of your blueprints, think of it like a machine…

-The start is the powering up, the condition that needs to be met in order for your blueprint to start/do anything.
-The middle is the execution part which will run your logic, this is where the cogs turn to produce a result.
-The end is the completion usually with some sort of result, where your product comes out of the machine.

Right now you have the middle part that is still underconstruction.

Branches work as if statements, what is your bool doing? Right now it’s empty information. You need to apply logic to it.
If you click your code variable in the left column you will see default properties, you can set your code up there, you can them pull that into the graph editor as a ‘get’ then the logic will be, if input text == code then open the door.

If you are still unsure on how to achieve this then try something even more basic, check out the blueprint tutorials on unreals youtube page, they will get you the knowledge to be able to do this easily.