Help panning around object maya style

Hey guys I’m looking for some help.

I would like to have a level where the camera is panning around a central object such as building.

The intention is to have the user swipe the touch screen and they can rotate around the building and have possible limited zoom.

I’m not so great when it comes to blueprints so any help would be greatly appreciated!


I think I can help you somewhat, but I don’t have access to UE4 at my present location and its not something I routinely use. I think you want some kind of camera blueprint that uses a camera attached to a springarm (I think that’s what its called) You can make the arm longer or shorter as needed and if it collides it will fix the camera’s location automatically. Once you have this, you can set the blueprint at the point you want to pivot. It would need to accept inputs look at the my character classes in the third person template. In many ways this is going to be very similar to that.

okay I’m thinking I can get this to work if i use the 3rd person template and then swap out the character mesh for my building, but then how would I map the rotation to a finger swipe as opposed to the virtual right thumb stick?

Normally I’d figure these things out by myself, unfortunately I’m on a bit of a deadline. Anyone know how I can swap out the blueprint 3rd person character for my model?
At the moment it says it will only accept skeletal mesh, anyway to change this?

Anyone have any solutions at all?