Help! PackagingResults:Error: Error Unknown Error

Greetings, I have tried to find an answer to my problem but none of the proposed solutions worked. Can anyone give me a hand?

Before anyone ask, no, I’m not using third party plugins.

[link text][1]

128523-error.txt (54.6 KB)


Are you using the Substance Plugin? If so, please disable it and see if you still run into this error: Substance Plugin Released! - C++ - Epic Developer Community Forums

I am not. I disabled it when I read that it could be cause but it didn’t fix it.

After you disabled it, did you delete your Intermediate and Saved folders by any ?

I didn’t. Should I?

Just did. Didn’t work.

Have you tried pressing on the down arrow and selecting ‘Verify’? That should replace any files missing.

Has the error changed? If so, could you please upload the new logs and if not, would you be able to provide me a zipped copy of your project in a private message on the forums?


Error is still the same. I’ll sent you the project.

Just sent the message. It took me a while to upload the files.

Hi there, someone had a similar error and it was to do with Substance: they had the sme last cut off message before it stopped:

Already disabled substance, didn’t work.

Where are the files located?

In the Content folder.

I solved the issue.
I made a new blank project and dragged all my assets there.
Most things were unaffected by this, which is good, though I think I’m seeing errors more often now but I can’t assure you.

Thanks all for your help.