Help packaging project to android 64bit?

error displayed on google play console
“This release is not compliant with the Google Play 64-bit requirement The following APKs or App Bundles are available to 64-bit devices, but they only have 32-bit native code”
I am not sure if I am packaging it wrong. I do not see a way to package the android game into 64 bit or 32 bit it doesnt display anywhere I just get different android packaging options
Is there a way to package to 64bit with android and the error wont display anymore when publishing to google play store


Same issue here.

No one know the answer? I cannot find any help elsewhere

Same issue here.

Okay guys after help from a friend I found how to package to 64 bit… It’s actually simpler than I thought, I was just a bit dumb no worries.

To support 64bit for android just tick the box labelled: “Support arm64[aka arm64-v8a]” (I ticked the other one just in case)


Wow. So simple. You saved me!

Hah, 5th time building now. So many bits i kept missing off :smiley:

Oh man, that seems so simple, but when i check that box, my package failes. Anyone an idea why?link text

But how do I upload 2 apks to the playstore? Checking armv7 and arm64 creates 2 apks. But how to upload that in the playstore itself? It only allows one apk

But if you upload a 64bit version, old devices become incompatible. Is there any solution to do 2 apk (64bit & 32bit) in 1 ?

For people who gets trouble to package once you check the 64bit version please make sure all your plugin are packed INSIDE the project file ( create a plugins folder ) and not inside the engine plugins file . I used to get this error and now its resolved !

If I’m not mistaken, you can make 2 builds with the 32 bit and 64 bit versions - make sure the version numbers are different in Android and I believe you can upload both to the Play Store and it’ll know that you are uploading the same thing for 32 bit and 64 bit phones.

Just upload the 64 bit one. You can untick the older version if you like to speed up building

Thanks for pointing that out. You’re totally right I hadn’t even considered that. Here’s documentation from Google store 다중 APK 지원  |  Android 개발자  |  Android Developers but hopefully someone can help better. Good luck dude.

I tried uploading a 32 bit with a lower version number “131” , and a 64 bit version with version number “132”. Google playstore will complain the standard ‘where is 64bit’ warning with 32 bit apk upload - and with the 64 bit version apk upload it says it overshadows 131. In other words, unsuccessful.

Well done on trying. I actually don’t know the answer and it’s a good call. Keep us informed if you find out. It’s so freaking helpful :slight_smile: . In 2021 apparently they won’t support 32bit, but for now it does seem still possible… Somehow. Android Developers Blog: Get your apps ready for the 64-bit requirement

Seems strange, I checked the app I uploaded to the play store and I was able to add 2 APKs with different version codes in the App Release section - one for 32-bit and one for 64-bit. I believe they both have to be added to the release at the same time when you are uploading a build. When creating a release, you can add both APKs which should work if the version numbers are different.

Can you confirm for us? step by step? ( I was able to add 2 apks with two different version numbers but UNABLE to publish, in the internal test track! see image! )

-First in ProjectSettings/Android you select armv7 with version number “1”

-Then build.

-Then in ProjectSettings/Android you select arm64 with version number “2”

-Then build.

-Then in the playstore under Release management - App releases - internal test track - you upload APK1 and APK2 - correct? and are able to publish?

Guys, I got it to work I think. I got the error above - because I uploaded the APKs in the wrong order. 32bit upload (armv7) (v.1) has to come first and 64 bit upload second (v.2) (arm64). I think so at least.

I’ve also posted more detailed instructions here: Is there a way to support 32 bit and 64 bit on Android playstore? - Mobile - Unreal Engine Forums

I believe those are the steps I followed - I don’t have anything to update on my app right now so I can’t test it but when I was going through the Play Console and looking at how I did it before, that does seem to be how I got it to work.