[Help] out of video memory when working on landscape

“out of video memory trying to allocate a rendering resource”

I have a fairly Large landscape 8k x 8k and whenever i try to put a material on it (simple grass material) i get the error and unreal crashes. i’m using an RTX 2070s with 16gigs of ram.

This a complete road block for me, i searches online but with no luck.

Are you using DX12? I know there is some issues with DX12 that cause video memory errors. Try switching to DX11 and see if the issue persist if that is the case.

I’ll try with DX11 but i ultimately want to use DX12 for RT

What texture resolution do you use? In the game industry the standard is 2k texture resolution and it works well even for large world. I’m developing a landscaping tool for very close and large view and we are implemented different techniques to avoid texture repetition.