Help on WIP Goblin Rigging Resources?

Hey UE4 compadres!

So this is a WIP for a school teacher
(Crabby-aggressive-long lived school teacher, Magister Kor)

I’m planning on using Faceware for FacialMoCap to animate him
and bring him into UE4 to shoot with Sequencer.

So in doing so,
if you guys could recommend some realistic rigging resources, methods or methodologies
to really capture all the actors’ subtle facial movements
that are present in Facial MoCap that would really help!

(Note: This is a WIP so after testing the rigging compatability with Faceware and
how this all imports into UE4,
I will then add texturing for realistic skin in and
his balding hair line and long eyebrows with Hair cards,
shout out to @anonymous_user_0e02c017 and )

Without further ado, here is, The Wise-Magister Kor

Any ideas anyone?

Well if you’re looking to capture subtleties, you’ll likely be better off using facial blend shapes over a skeletal rig.

Would skeletal be comprised of all joints?