Help on which quadro to get?

I’ve been learning as much of Unreal as possible to create a cinematic and I think I’m close to ready(well to get started anyways, still lots of learning required). But one major issue I found is I really need a better gpu and more ram. My current one only has 6gb of vram and I’m capping out fast when using Quixel materials @4k and I haven’t even got to the creating characters part which sounds even more taxing. Mixer crashes on me sometimes when I’m messing around with 8k meshes, it’s just too much for my current pc. Looking into this I found there are cards specifically designed for game creation/unreal etc. but I’m already confused.

This one for example only has 8gb of vram? Wouldn’t you cap out on that trying to create a cinematic quite easily? I’m seeing lots of 1k+ quadros with less vram than the 3080’s, is it really not as important as I’m thinking? 1,200 is about as high as I can go atm, all the 24gbish ones are about 4,000 which is way outside my ballpark sadly.

Quadro is not designed for game development, while they can work for it you have to spend much more to get something that’s comparable to a Geforce gaming card.