Help on Procedural Map Generation

So I’m trying to randomly generate an indoor map using pre-made hallways. Now I have this one hallway that’s a crossroad but when another hallway spawns on either the left or right side, they don’t seem to turn in the direction that they should be going: see photos for what I’m talking about. The way the algorithm works is there’s a spawnOrigin transform variable that moves to the location of the door at the end of the hallways so when another spawns in it’s seamless. I’ve tried manually changing the rotation transform but that only seems to effect one hallway. My blueprint for the map generation is below. I’m an Unreal newbie so don’t be surprised if I completely missed something.

[USER=“682015”]Lord Diabetes[/USER] A quick look at your code, I notice you’re using world location a lot, but then piping that into nodes with rotation. So, the rotation will be 0 ( I think ).

You might be better off changing those world location nodes to ‘getworldtransform’…