Help on inventory hotbars, can't access data from another widget.

I’ve been trying to implement a hot bar system in my project, I already have an inventory system implemented but I’ve ran out of ideas to implement hotbars. I use a component to handle most of the inventory functions, and the inventory slots display the items that were added and stores data about the item inside it using data structures. The slot also has a drag and drop function that can reorder the slots, or move them into a storage or a chest. When I go into palete and go to the user created section and get the inventory slot widget and add it to the hud and try to use some of the functions from the slot widget, I get a whole lot of “accessed to none” errors. I know what they are but I was confused on why it was happening. So I tried accessing one variable from the widget and tried to use it in the event graph of the HUD widget and I got another accessed to none error, so the data from the variables didn’t save when I used it in another widget, I’ve also tried using a save blueprint class but same thing. I’ve ran out of ideas and would like some advice on how I should approach hotbars, I don’t need a functional example just an idea on how I could go about it, or help to solve the problem. I usually don’t have much trouble when it comes to getting the item data but it won’t work for some reason, it could be how I set up the system or I must’ve missed something. I’m going to be looking through tutorials that could help without changing too much of the system, or starting over from scratch. Thx.

Nvm I got it figured out