Help on how to make mod: Tactical Grenade variants

High as a simple starting mod to learn how to make a mod using the dev kit I want to make some grenade variants but I have almost no experience with the devkit so far so I need some pointers on how to get the mod started. My objectives are:
*Make a fabricator for the new grenades to be crafted in
*Make engrams for the grenades
*Make the grenades themselves
I’ve been learning modeling using blender and have been spending time learning how to use it but I really need help with the dev kit so any help on how to start doing this would be greatly appreciated! I have several other mod projects planned but I wanted to start with this to help me learn and than dive into the more complicated ones!

  • I have signed up for epic games and github the acounts are linked. I have downloaded the devkit through the epic games launcher. I have all of that taken care of I just need some pointer on how to start this mod as I am not trying to make any maps just yet.
    I made this same post in the Teamup section because I would really like some assistance and guidance on how to go about completing the above objectives.

Even if you know of a tutorial that can show me how to make a mod that involves an alternate version of the fabricator to craft the new grenades and than to make the new grenades themselves.