Help on a class project

Is there anyone versed in Ue4 blueprints able to give me a hand for a bit. Got a project im working on thats driving me nutty. Trying to make an event on a button press that I can call in other blueprints but whenever I try to test it doesnt fire. I can post up everything but it would be easier to show everything once I get someone helping me cause of time constraints.

Sorry for double post but just incase people want to see what it is. Been working to much in this thing my brains fried so im forgetting social etiquette lol. My problem at the moment is I can not get any variable from ANY blue print to read/call/get/load in another bp period. I cant go from mycharacter class to the hud or vice versa for some reason. I have a variable in my UMG Hud class that is trying to be loaded my the gameinstance to spawn a monster every 6 turns. I cant pull the current turn variable from the hud to any other blueprint. Once I get this knocked out ill be able to do my character select blueprints since they are about the same thing. Pulls a variable from the game mode and spawns whichever model the player(s) have chosen.

deathtoallretards is my Skype name. Feel free to hit me up and I will gladly see what I can do to help. I am pretty good with Blueprints and calling them from multiple other BP’s.