[Help] Objects rendering differently under the same circumstances.

I have two of the same objects sitting next to each other in the same light and same material. One of the objects shows up all black while the other shows up correctly. I have tried adjusting the lightmap resolution for the objects that were modeled outside of Unreal but I also have this same issue with objects such as the Unreal cube, cylinder, and box. If I place a light source directly next to the black object it illuminates a portion of the black object but not the entire thing. The link below will take you to the an image of what is happening. Thanks for your help in advance.


It looks like you need a reflection probe that covers the items that are black

The reflection probe did not fix the issue. If I add a light source right on top of the black objects then a portion of them render correctly but I do not understand how the one correctly rendered object shows up right when the same objects right next to it don’t.

I solved my own issue. I changed the object to movable and selected a different UV lightmap and the material rendered correctly.

If it’s movable then it doesn’t use lightmaps, if the object is static and it turns black after building lighting then your lightmap UV’s need to be fixed and you need to make sure your lightmap resolution is high enough.

Ok thanks. Any idea why the Unreal cube would have the same issues where one shows up fine and the one right next to it is black?