Help(Npc, Dialogue Text, Interactive Text)

Hey guys, i need big help here.
I’m trying to create, npcs like in RPG games,but i’m heaving a loot of dificulty on discover how to, for example, when i get closer to the npc, click on him to talk, and then the message box appears, he talks and i have some choices to make].
I’ve already saw some tutoriasl, but i stuck in some parts, cause i’m newbe in BP.So there’s a lots of thinks unexplaned that i can’t figured out.
Also, i wish to learn how to make the NPC follow a path, while talking with the character, and then making some stops, talk stop, and so on.
These are my issues i holpe, you can help me.
Thank you, for everything, very much.

Hi Tdafssr,

Have a look at my NPC Dialogue System tutorial, it should help you with at least part of that. Additionally, check out our information on Matinee here for your walking and talking portion: