[Help][Noob] Save player location to file while recording video


I’m trying to output 2 things while walking around in a game. I want a sequence of video of what the player sees, which I’ve managed to get using matinee “movie”.

However alongside this I want to get the player’s location and rotation stored to a file such that the saved locations match the images.

For example say I had images



then I would like a text file with entries

001 loc_x loc_y lo_z rot_x rot_y rot_z
002 loc_x loc_y lo_z rot_x rot_y rot_z
003 loc_x loc_y lo_z rot_x rot_y rot_z


in a list for all the images. Does that make sense? It’s so I can see from outside unreal exactly where the player was when the image was recorded.

Thanks so much for reading this, any help is appreciated. I’m a total noob so please try not to assume I know how to do anything :slight_smile:

Take a look at the Replay featrure…