Help: Node that selects via a interger

Hi All

Not sure my title is accurate. What I would like to know is what node would allow me to run off a For each loop, when the loop hit 1, it would fire off the first outlet, if 5 is generated, then the 5th outlet would fire?

Bad description I know. I have used it before, but can not reference it again.



I am not sure this is what you need but with a “switch”, you can launch custom events from index or integer value of an array.

I looked at a switch.

Just found Switch on INT. That may look like I am after.

Should this work?



Yes, and if you use for each loop with break, you link end of exec lines to break and use completed to continue (if you don’t, array will end its loop after all nodes in the line are done)

Thank again Fen

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