[HELP] New Computer for Gaming and UE4

Hey Guys,
I know here it´s very pointless to ask anything, because I got on my questions, at most not only 1 answer…
But who knows, maybe here are only Computer-Freaks who can tell me what things I need in my new Computer^^

My Requirements:
I need a Computer for playing new Games in 1080p - 1440p (21:9) without any lags (60fps) and it must be powerful enough to work with UE4.

My Budget is max 3500-4000€.

I hope anyone can help me

With best regards

GTX 980 Ti graphics card
i7 5820K CPU
Get a good SSD for Windows, either 256GB or 512GB depending on how much you want to spend
A good Hybrid 1TB hard drive for storage
at least 2133mhz RAM, maybe 24GB or more

That’s probably well below the amount you want to spend but that’s still a very good PC

Oh wow, thanks^^
What do you think about the GTX 970 SLI ?
They are more powerful in games than a single GTX 980 ti, at nearly the same price…

I want min 32gb RAM, because my 16gb are everytime full…

SLI isn’t a good option because it’s a bit buggy and there are a number of things that can’t use it, like UE4. Other programs like Maya and 3ds Max can’t use SLI for their viewports either so you want to get the best single GPU card you can. The recomendation of the GTX 980 Ti vs. the Titan X is because the Titan X is not that much faster than the 980 Ti so it’s not worth it unless you need the GPU memory or have money to throw away.

The stuff that will use up RAM–very large projects, like the open world demo for UE4 which requires 24GB to load. Building lighting requires a lot of memory as well, and doing 3D stuff/rendering can also use it pretty easily too.

Ok, thanks^^
Now I must only find a good shop in Germany, where I want buy it…

I found now a good shop (worked there a few years ago, hehe), but what do you think what´s better? Win 7 or Win 10?

Unless Windows 7 is more expensive, might as well go with Windows 7, you have until July next year to upgrade for free to Windows 10 if you want, but if you get Windows 10 you can’t go to Windows 7

In my experience everything works fine so far with Windows 10

You’ll get 60 fps in 1440p on any modern game with the GTX 980 Ti, I’d go with it.

Ok, thank you both^^
Then I must only wait now, till the parts are coming and hopefully I assemble the computer properly, it´s my first time, but how hard can that be?
I built last year a new engine in my motorbike, I hope this was harder…

Building a pc is literally the shapes puzzles for kids. Everything has its own place, its pretty obvious what goes where. You’ll be fine :wink:

That´s good news^^

Completely true, just make sure your parts are compatible, and then follow the instruction manual that comes with your motherboard/case.

Since nobody else has put together a build that matches your budget, something like this should work:

I’m no expert on high-end builds like that, but that build will be future proof for many years, and should be able to game with triple 2k displays at about 60 fps (AA set to low or off). A compatibility check on Tom’s Hardware wouldn’t hurt either.

Some good things in that spec but Titan-Z???

Well, the Titan Z is one of the most powerful cards on the market right now, and it fits his budget (I assure you, it isn’t $9000): There are also clear performance differences between the Titan X and Titan Z.

Titan Z is a dual GPU card, unless I’m mistaken it’s just two older Titan Black GPUs in SLI but on a single PCB.
Better performance & cheaper (going by newegg) to just buy two 980 tis.

I can’t think of any reason to buy a Titan Z for game development.

You forgot the display, keyboard and windows^^
Oh, and not forget, I added a M.2 SSD, SSD and SSHD…

Here´s my build

Yeah, don’t use the Titan Z–it’s basically like an SLI card and for stuff like UE4 it won’t be able to use both GPU’s

That’s why if you have the money to waste then the Titan X is the better choice, it’s just not that much faster than the 980 Ti

You also wouldn’t need a 1200W power supply, that’s way overdoing it.

I believe that iBuyPower ships to Germany, or has a shop in Germany.

Basically, select an offer, or a PC case/build, and customize it to your liking. I don’t know if you will be able to get all the items that people have been suggesting.

My PC is from iBuyPower!

I want buy in a shop in germany, because if I need the warranty, it´s faster with a shop in germany^^
Ok, iBuyPower is in Germany too, but I never heard from this shop…
From MindFactory I heard a lot good, not only from friends in germany, from austria and switzerland too.