help needed with some animations blend

hello i’m working on a third person game, i’m using some animations from mixamo library, i have imported and retarget the animation without any problem using the mixamo retargeting plugin.

Now i’m working on the animation blueprint, so far i’m going in the right direction with the setup of my player moves, but i’m facing a little issue with the blend of some animations.

my player will have, unarmed attacks, melee attacks and range attacks, the problem begins when i equip the melee weapon, the animation played fine, but it not has a smooth blend, this happed also when i unequip de melee weapon and i’m guessing that this blend issue will happend in more cases; i recorded a video to show the problem.

i just need a tutorial or a guide to help me to make a blend for the two animations, also in the video you can see the idle animation for the melee is in the air, why is this happening, i use the same scale when i have imported the animation and the mesh, can this be fixed into the unreal editor ?

thanks in advance for all the help.

i fixed the transition from euip weapon to idle standing with weapon; i tested the transition making a new animation composition, i have used both animation on the composition and the animation play smooth on the composition animation, with any problem.

after that test i changed my animations on the blendspace and the animation blueprint for my player, but i’m still facing the problem in game any idea why this happend in game and not when i test both animation in composite animation?

any help will be very useful, thanks in advance.