help needed with multiplayer game server!

hello, i’m trying to make some nice thing with my next project, the game will be single and multiplayer.

i want to create a master server where all the games (players) must be connected, because the server will spawn all the game objects at runtime.

for example, the client version will have the level one, with the base floor and limits exteriors walls, lights and navigation volumes, when the client is connected, the server check for the level that it will play and it will spawn the level to let the player plays.

i have some experience in multiplayer, i have made an multiplayer game with the udk, but the same executable (project or game) was doing all.

i think this kind of project that i want to create needs a server game and a client game, can i join a game that is running in another pc that is not the same that the one that i’m running as a client (server is mainserver.exe 1 mb / client is gameclient.exe 560 kb) (i’m asking this because in the udk, all the clients must have the same exe build to let them join without any issues.

also how many user can be join at the same time ?

if i’m talking or trying to make a non sense here, please someone can just tell me that this can’t be done.

thanks in advance for all the help.

I can’t truly answer you question but as far as I know,only one map/level can be active at a time.You can’t have multiple levels loaded at the same time.However you can have different areas to act as levels on same map.When a player completes a level,you just “teleport” him/her to next area.