Help needed with light baking

I’m trying to setup lighting for interior, and have problems with black walls. Scene is lit with skylight and one directional light.
Wall polygons have correct normals direction. Mapping is also correct: it’s not overlapping and is prepared in 3d studio same as other objects in the scene.
Whatever I do, these walls have wrong lighting.

Did someone experienced something similar?

Thanks in advance

Looks like a mapping issue. Make sure it is correct and you don’t have a wrong channel set for the light map UVs.

Very rarely an object gets corrupted in 3ds max. Try to add a box, turn it to a editable poly and then attach the wall to it. Delete the original box. Then re-import it or better import it with a different name into unreal. Very rarely some assets in unreal get corrupted and whatever changes you import it always stays the same old asset. That’s why you could try to re-import it with a different name.

You could also try a “Reset X-Form” in 3ds max but attaching an object to a new box usually fixes all oddities with the old mesh.

Hi S-Dot, thanks for helping. Since it was unwrapped the same way as other objects in the scene, I’ve tried what you suggested with attaching box, and it looked the same.
So I tried to detach only polygons that appeared black, then unwrap both objects and for some reason, it works now.