Help needed with idle to jog - Normal works, Ironsight does not.

Hi All

In my Animation, He goes from Idle Ironsight to Jog Ironsight fine., and with Hip idle to Hip Jog.

In game, Hip Rifle works fine. Ironsight will not move of idle.

The checks are the same, but does seem that WSAD do not work for some reason.




A quick example

Shows Iron Sight with a Print string when I hit tab.

Show Hello with a Print string when I hit “W”



Difficult to troubleshoot/debug without the files. If you would like to send me the files in a PM or provide a dropbox link (if you don’t mind publicly posting your files) I’ll be happy to take a look.

Hi Steve

Here is the Animation Folder. 48 hours :slight_smile:

The only other bit was in my character. But should be in Zip file anyhow.

Thank you for having a look


After much examination, root motion was discovered to be selected for your idle_ironside animation which overrode the game movement controls. Hence, your character could not move forward to transition into another state if you selected idle_ironside first. Just deselect root motion for that animation and you should be good to go!