Help needed with bomb blueprint

Hey again, can anyone help me with a bomb blueprint I’ve been working on?

So how the bomb is supposed to work is that it will detonate either after a few seconds after being thrown or if it collides with certain objects such as an enemy.

Once the bomb detonates, a boolean called ‘Detonation’ is triggered. boolean is supposed to allow the collision sphere extending around the bomb that represents the bomb’s blast radius to damage any enemy or destroy any destructible object caught within its range.

In theory, in practice it hasn’t work as intended as the bomb will detonate without causing any harm. The only way I can get the bomb’s collision sphere to actually have any effect at all is to remove the branch before the On Component Begin Overlap event. allows the bomb to cause harm but the problem is that the collision sphere will always be in a activate state, rather than just when the bomb detonates.

So the question is, how can I get the collision sphere representing the bomb’s blast radius to trigger only when the bomb itself explodes?

I thought that I should also point out that within the bomb detonation portion of the bomb’s blueprint, you can ignore the parts crossed out below.

It’s mostly visual effect stuff that isn’t relevant to the issue at hand. The ‘Apply Damage’ stuff should also be ignored as it also hasn’t been properly implemented & also isn’t relevant to the collision sphere/blast radius issue as well.

Instead, its the ‘Blast Damage’ portion of the blueprint is where I believe where the problem is.

Any ideas?

Any reason why we are not simply:

Perhaps I did not understand it well enough (so small!) but bit looks dodgy at a glance:


  • you destroy the component first - so there’s nothing to overlap with
  • the Get Overlapping Actors node has no class

Could not ignore it as advised, sorry! :wink:

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I’d probably lean way if I were to make a delayed bomb:

The collision detection can also be handled gracefully and efficiently with collision channels instead. You decide what object type overlaps what channels. Quite granular and no room for typos.

Targets that can be damaged (ideally we have inheritance in place) implement :


So they do not really need an additional event / function (in your case called ReceiveDamage). And if someone does not implement and handle the above, nothing happens.