Help needed using Advanced Locomotion For Ai Following

Hi everyone so I purchased the Advanced Locomotion v3 from the marketplace and re-targeted to my own character. everything works with my character. I am going to have 2 playable characters in the game and already have the ability to swap between the both characters. My Main character is humanoid and my other character is an animal. I would like to be able to play as 1 character as the other follows like the Lego video game series. I have been able to accomplish this with my animal character but not my humanoid using the advanced locomotion.

At the moment my main spawns in with secondary beside and as main i can walk around and the 2ndary follows with animations working. But when I swap characters to the 2nd I can use the 2ndary character but the main follows with no animations working except idle and it slides everywhere. I can swap back to main and it works like in the beginning the 2ndary follows.

both characters are custom
main using locomotion bought from marketplace
2ndary using anim blueprint I created

I’m right now using for just the main character Pawn Sensing and On See Pawn. I would like to use a Behavior Tree like my secondary character but the character doesn’t even move or sense the 2ndary character.
Secondary works fine I’ve checked both sides, copied and pasted a bunch and I’m thinking I’m just not seeing something.

These are the attachments I think are important, if there’s something else to see let me know.

I know that was a lot so all I’m saying is I’m just trying to get my main to follow my 2ndary character when I’m in control of that character. ** < To the Point**

Thank you for reading this I would really appreciate the help I’ve looked at many ways to fix this but obviously I’m doing something wrong.

So I created an actual Behavior Tree for the Main Character to just follow the Secondary character. Just like I set up for the Secondary and it works for that character and the main. But I seem to not be able to successfully attach a controller to the main when i’m in control of the 2nd, which is why I think he’s sliding.

Also hear this - I put the blueprint of my main character into the world and when I Spawn (as Main) into the Level, the blueprint main and 2nd character will follow my Main Character with all animations but when I swap to my 2nd character they both(Mains) slide towards the 2nd character (Following).

Why?? lol Am I in control of both controllers which is why my main blueprint and my spawned Secondary character follow my Main character. how can i solve this? Help is greatfully appreciated!!