Help needed : transitioning between first person/3rd person, ue4 3rd person template

I was tinkering around with the default 3rd person template and i managed to be able to switch between first and 3rd person mode. However, i broke something somewhere and now i can not rotate/move my camera view unless my character is moving. I have no idea whats going on so could any kind souls here enlighten me?

*Changes were all done in “mycharacter” class blueprint
*i deleted the default “springArm”, added 2 “scene component”, 1 for 3rd person, 1 for 1st person.
*i used “world location” from the “scene component” to facilitate the transitioning between 1st/3rd person
*f_status is used as a boolean to determine whether if the current view is in 1st person(or not)
*The rest of the blueprints is exactly the same as default 3rd person template, did not make any changes to those.

Well the springArm is what is actually moving the camera around in the third person template.

You can either bring it back, attach the camera to it and then update the springArm’s “Target Arm Length” and/or the location depending on what you are trying to do (also make sure “Use Controller View Rotation” is checked in the component’s detail panel).

You could also try enabling “Use Controller View Rotation” on the actual camera itself or you can manually update the camera’s rotation based on the controller in the tick event.

Unreal has a whole playlist on their YouTube on how to make a 3rd person shooter from scratch. I’d recommend watching that if you need more help, as it will cover how to rebuild it all for you. 3rd Person Game with Blueprints (pre. v4.8) - YouTube

Alright, thanks guys. Will give those solutions a go.