Help needed to navigate camera automatically or start animation by pushing buttons in the interface.

I am trying to develop a mansion 3D visualize system for mansion resellers.
I use to develop these 3D systems by using Director(shockwave3D), which is a very old software.
I have just started to study UE4 from last month.
As you can see the attached jpg images, there are 3 functions I need, which is to navigate automatically to each rooms, start animation(Open Window), and change room color.
I found some tutorial to change room color by pushing buttons in the interface.
Although, I could not find a tutorial which can move camera (start sequence data for camera path), start animation(start animation sequence data for objects) by pushing buttons in the interface.
What should I do in the blueprint after the “Onclick” of each button?
For example, I add one level sequence “WndowOPEN”. How can I use this sequence data in the blueprint?
I am sorry for my low knowledge to UE4.