HELP NEEDED: Surfaces right at the edge of my level that I can't delete or subtract with a brush

So I was making a level, placing some props, and I tried to build and it said that the PlayerStart was unusable, then I noticed that the add mode wasn’t working on brushes, only subtract, so i decided to make a huge brush and subtracted, and sure enough, i have a load of surfaces surrounding my level. I thought ‘well it doesn’t matter, they’re outside my skydome anyway, won’t cause any problems’, but now building doesn’t work, it just crashes udk. The textures on the surfaces flicker in and out so I assume they are right at the edge of my map. I used the ‘Clean BSP Materials’ thing and it didn’t do anything.

There is a picture attatched if it helps, I hope someone can get back to me on this because it has taken ages to make this level. I have a feeling I may have accidentally switched the map to subtractive mode, but I don’t see how that could have happened.


this forum is for UE4 and this sub-forum is for modding UE4 games, you are using UE3, the UDK/UE3 forum is down right now but you should post this over there when its fixed(should be soon) to get the help you need.

I am going to close this thread.