Help needed regarding default projectile

Hello, So i have changed the default projectile from First person blueprint template with a arrow, However i have set it up correctly, the arrow sticks to the walls and such.
However i have troubles when hitting rigid bodys, the arrow sticks accordingly but when the rigid body moves the arrow will just float in the air.
So i am trying to make the arrows stick to moving rigid bodys.

Please help and you can find the attached pictures below.

Hd photos:

The myprojectile is a blueprint spawned by MyCharacter which is the characters blueprint.

I still have not foudn a solution, any ideas please?

I’m afraid those screenshots are too small to really see what is going on! You should just need to disable the projectile movement (using the ‘Set Active’ node on the ProjectileMovementComponent) and use an AttachTo node to attach your root component to the rigid body.

Thanks for replying, You can click on the link to enlarge the picture significantly and see more clearly.
Please take a look and further guide me as i am not very experienced.
Thanks and please get back to me.

Been looking through documentation and still nothing…