Help needed : RE: Backing up Installation

Hi there… I have absolutely no idea how to do this but I’m looking for a way to Back up my entire UE4 installation + content examples so I can reinstall everything when I re-install windows without having to download everything from scratch.

My ISP sets a download limit and then heavily throttles my speeds once I hit a threshold… so I can’t really be downloading over 20 gigs of data everytime I want to reinstall.

Can anyone who knows, Please post up a tutorial or something for me to follow so I can retain my entire install + content examples for when I have to re-install windows ( which is quite soon I might add since I have 5 x 2TB SSHDD’s being delivered soon )

I did a search on here but I couldn’t find anything related to manually backing up the content examples AND the engine itself.


Wow, I didn’t even know SSHD’s were even a thing! As far as backing up your UE4 installation, I do not think there is a feature made for that yet since the engine is still constantly getting updated with new things. I imagine once the engine is done to a point where everything intended to be in it is available, then perhaps we will be able to download it like a UDK installation. I could be wrong though, since a big aspect of having UE4 is based around using the launcher which has the marketplace, feed, and library.

Marketplace projects you downloaded are easy to back up. You just need to copy them, but they wont appear in the Vault section of the Launcher the next time. I dont think there is a healthy solution for the engine itself though.

you need to backup your unreal engine folder, your unreal projects folder and also a folder in the AppData called epic.

when you have a clean install, just install your unreal launcher, exit it and restore all your files to the original place.

hope this help.