Help needed!! Mouse and Button Interaction

Hello my Frinds,

i need your Help and sorry for my bad English, i’m working on it^^!

My Problem:
I have Build this little Simulator thing.

I set it all up with a Spring arm and a Cam on it.
With my Mouseclick Functions and the UI Widgets combined, the Mouse shows up and can Click all the Buttons.

But my Problem is, i dont get any of this Buttons to work.

I want to Grab Parts of the Object, with the upper Button and Rotate them with the magnifying glass underneath shown in the Picture. The Home Button in the Left Lower Corner should reset the View to his Original after rotating.

For Example, i want to grab the left Wheel and put it on the side, so that i can see the things underneath and interact with them.

But I even dont get the Objects Rotate and Grabbed without the Button … what can i do?

Please Help me, i despair here ^^ I relly need to get this all to work, no matter wich Way. :(:smiley:

Thanks a lot!