Help needed - Making an item inside a container be replaced with another upon creation

Hey all,

Is there a way to have an item inside a container be replaced with another automatically? I basically want to create an item in a machine, and then have the game check this item and replace it immediately with another. There is a method to my madness, but as of yet I can’t figure out how this is done. Any help or direction would be great! Thanks!


Yes I know how to get the game to randomly check a container to replace items in it or to spawn certain items in it, or have the container only
spawn after a certain amount of times entering in the area, but only know how to set this up in windows script form, not in Unreal Blueprints.
but I think blueprints might use a smiilar set up for I use random seed counters to set it up with the flags to be checked.

Thanks for the reply. Im fairly new to Unreal Engine and learning as I go along, but finding information on very specific tasks can be quite tedious for ARK mods. Hopefully someone knows how to do this!


Check out if the spoiling mechanic works for your purpose. That basically replaces one item with another one.
You can set the spoiling time and item in the PrimalItem blueprint of your item.

Its not an engine that’s got everything all in place. I mean I can’t even find the lake and water tools no more, it did exist in the earlier versions. so you might have to buy the tools as a plugin from the marketplace for all I know. Half of unreal engine i think has been broken up in pieces and being sold in the marketplace. i don’t know what ark mods are, not heard that before. But I just set up the flags and use the random seed results to check them to determine what spawns when and where in windows script that is. Unreal uses a blueprint system…

You are in the ark modding forums though :stuck_out_tongue: .This is pretty specific since a lot of systems are already in place that you can/have to interact with. While you could do this in graph the best approach imo is to first look if the game already offers a system to do what you want. In this case it does and it’s as easy as setting up two variables. If this does not work for his purpose he would have to do it in blueprint graph since ark mods don’t support any kind of programming language. This means interacting with arks inventory system which has it’s own functions to interact with the items it contains.

All my game is was just a big collection of flags and counters to keep track of everything going on in every system you visit according to the events in the storylines, i do have spawn systems for urns and items in chests ect. (I had over 40 pages of flag settings)… But to do the same thing in Unreal, as I did in windows script, I don’t know if Unreal is able to keep track of thousands of flags.

Thanks for all the helpfull input guys, some really helpful advice here. This will definately help, especially using the spoiling item method. Nice to see such a helpful forum to us completel beginners at Unreal Engine and dedicated mod packs!


Just remembered there is also another option: Have a look at the MulticraftItem blueprints. This allows you to craft one item but then spawn one or multiple other items.

Wow that’s really handy, thanks for the that tip Mezzow. Im just starting to get the hang of the basics so I can only imagine this is where most people give up, just as things get more complicated, but I like a challenge and I want to learn Unreal Engine on it’s own too so I figure this is a good start on the BP system for now.