HELP NEEDED - looking for "Invalid License" output log error message fix

I am having an issue building out a project I originally made back in 4.16 for Windows 64-bit. I converted the project to a 2.22 project a few weeks ago and have now finished the project but when I attempt to build the game out I keep receiving a yellow warning message saying character State Sheet converted to FText (and shows a URL to the character sheet used by the main player to control the animation flipbook) the build then fails shortly after and gives me a red “invalid licence” error.

I am not sure what to do and could really use some help as I don’t know what it means or does.

any help would be appreciated.


Hey there, TheRealRyan,

Can you share the exact error copy with us?


@Kalvothe, I am currently at work but I will post the full log the second I can. Thank you for bearing with me!

@Kalvothe this issue seems to have resolved itself…thanks anyways!

Glad to hear it, TheRealRyan!