[Help Needed]How to change the project 'Unreal Studio' Into a C++ project

Hi there,

I am afraid I am posting my problem in the wrong place, if so then please excuse me for that.
I am trying to import a model from 3d Max to Unreal engine so I can use it later on with AirSim. I followed this tutorial Unreal AirSim Setup from scratch - YouTube where it downloads a free model from Unreal Library and merges it into a blank C++ project in Unreal.
I have converted my 3d Max model using Datasmith according to this video Unreal Studio & Datasmith: 3ds Max 2018/ V-Ray to Unreal Engine 4.19 Workflow Made Easy for Arch viz - YouTube, and everything went ok. However, the problem now is this :

the imported model content folder has Developers, Collections and exported_model folders and a .umap file of the exported model. in the tutorial video,the downloaded model content folders have Developers, Collections, Maps and Assets folders.
my problem now is, how can modify my imported model to suit the above criteria that is having the folders of Maps And Assets instead of having .umap file plus Exported_model folder that has three folders Material, Geometries,and textures that contain different Assets .

I think that its a basic thing but i dont have the knowledge to find out how and I hope someone can help to overcome this issue .

I already posted the same question in the Datasmith section but no luck .