Help Needed: How to add Particles like a supply crate beam to a Static Mesh like the DeathItemCache?

Well, the Title says it.
How can you add a particle system beam like at the supply crates to a Static Mesh object?
Thanks in advance.

You would just duplicate the deathitemcache, put it in your mod folder, edit it, go to components, throw in whatever particle system you like, then update the references that use deathitemcache in your mod folder.

Well, again i have to thank you so much!
I’m sorry if i have to ask that many questions. But i gone through the entire player pawn depth limit 2 and can’t find corpse, dying or something which indicates the animation for a corpse or a dying player. I want to add a particle on it, too.

Maybe you know how to add effects to a player corpse?

I believe there are a couple mods out there that already do this but look at player pawn test. It references a death item cache in the variable Death Destruction Deposit Inventory Class. You could child the player pawn test in to your mod, child the deathitemcache, modify it so it has a particle system in components, change your player pawn test to use that cache, and then child testgamemode in to your mod to change the default pawn class. You then need to change the gamemode in your primalgamedatabp to use your new test game mode. From here you will likely also need to update the male and female pawns. The gender definitions are found in the primal game data but take note of steps you need to perform this correctly in this video so they keep their underwear. If there are still roadblocks, see if this thread or this thread has your answer.