Help Needed: How do i replace core files like Static Meshes, Texture, BluePrint and so on?

I am desperately trying to replace core things like “Raw PrimeMeat”, “DeathItemCache” or adding a Supply Crate Particle like “CrateSpawn_Overland_QualityTier6” to the corpse and the “DeathItemCache”.

  • As for the “Raw PrimeMeat” i succeeded replacing it and increasing the spoile time to 10 minutes, but i can not use it to cook it. And if i place it into the cooking pot and take it out again it has a spoile time of 2 minutes again and still not useable. (I harvested the Raw PrimeMeat after modding and starting the server.)

Now the question: How to replace the different core files the right way?

How to remap things like Static Meshes, Particle System, Skeletal Meshes, Texture, Material, Blueprint and Basic?
Well, if not possible how do i replace Item Blueprints the right way? Replacing “DeathItemCache” concerns me to most right now? I always look into the Reference Viewer and try to take care of the files effected by my changes.

Thanks in advance!

Instead of duplicated your meats, make them children of their originals and they can still be used like their parents can be used. In other words the recipe for cooked meat requires the class raw meat. If your new class is a child of the original raw meat class it will work; if you created an entirely new class then that recipe must be updated to use a new class of raw meat in its recipe. A remap resource MAY update everything that needs to be updated to use your new raw meat, but using a child if at all possible is always preferred.

Well, so even if i want to replace “Raw Prime Meat” entirely i create a child of it, rename and remap it at the “PrimalGameData” “Remap Items” only or do i need to change the “Master Item List”, too in “PrimalGameData”?

You should never need to touch master item list as of v190. Doing so is using the outdated method of modding ARK and will result in your mod requiring an update for every version of ark and will not be a compatible stackable mod. You must remap the item and also remap resource (this one updates engram pointers).

So i am confused now I thought the Remap Resources is for harvesting components only -.-
Could you explain please how to remap Blueprints of something like HarvestingComponents and how to remap Items?
Should both be remaped in “Remap Item” and “Remap Resources”?

Here is official explanation of all the remaps as they appeared.

In your situation try doing remap item - see if you accomplish your goal. Then try remap resource (I bet it will accomplish your goal). Then you can try only using remap resource (may still work, but test fully).

There is an extra asset in the “PrimalGameData” for the “DeathItemCache” called “Death Destruction Deposit Inventory Class”. This is the reason why i did not get it to work properly. Just put in your personal “DeathItemCache” there and it will work.
I could replace the “Raw PrimeMeat”. The problem there was the childing i guess. I remaped it as Item and Resource just to be sure. It works.
Thanks a lot for your help!