Help needed: head/camera bobbing just while sprinting

hey everyone!

I’m trying to add several movement mechanics to the standard fps player template shipped with ue4. Right now I’m trying to achieve different head bobbing / camera shaking effects while I’m moving in fp-view.
But I’m stuck with this problem: when I’m sprinting (while shift-key is pressed) i get a camera shake effect, with the help of this: blueprint snipped from the answer forum:

BUT, If I jumpand press the run (shift) key in midair, the camera is bobbing/shaking - which is kinda awkward. How can i “detected” when I’m in air & stop the camera shake effect?

I’m still pretty rookie in ue4, so please go easy on me :slight_smile:

thanks rjvm for your screenshot, but still no luck :confused: but I’m not sure if my setup is right.

can you / someone help me out?

no one? please help me out!

wait xD man

Hey rjvm!

thanks for your reply! I set it up like in the screenshot above, camera shaking seems to stop while jumping ( but with a little delay), but the shaking is now while i’m standing still and while I’m walking. Could you please post me your camera-shake blueprint? I’m not sure if i used the right setting there too :confused: