Help needed getting Github Source version running.

So, I was trying to install Unreal Engine 4.24.3, the precompiled version, on my computer.
Downloaded it straight from the Epic Launcher… worked great. Sort of.

Two major problems:

One: The engine would crash anytime I close it… long after the GUI disappears I’d get the bug report tool, asking me to submit a report (Literally anytime the Engine was closed)
And Two: Nodes in the material editor are missing previews.

I went out of my way to download the github source and recompile the branch 4.24 locally, someone told me to try that.

Now additionally to the afore mentioned bugs i also got windows playing “Windows Background.wav” every few seconds while the editor window is in focus…

This sound: Windows Background.wav - Clyp

Can I get some help please?