Help needed for updating Material Param for Ammo

Hi everyone, i was wondering if i could get some help from you guys.
I’m currently working on a Fps game and have weapons that need to check their current ammo (which is either engraved upon the bullet or on a screen ) via an ammo check button.
every time the player shoots, the bullet texture changes number (via a dynamic material instance) the texture would swap down in sequence atm from 8-1.
The issue is that this all sounds a little extreme in terms of texture swaps, especially for some of our other weapons that have an ammunition count of over 60.
I think we really need some sort of other alternative for our display of ammunition. I feel as though we need to create an changeable font in the material editor that can be manipulated in blueprint through a variable. Is this even possible? Whats the best way of doing something like this?

I hope Iv’e explained my situation well enough here but if you require any more information or screenshots please ask

Many Thanks :slight_smile:

Really dont know the best solution. Flipbook, text, texture swap? D:


i am not sure about this but maybe you can use some decal. If your texture change (color or effect for example) you may can set variables in your instanced material too. Check youtube ue4 tutorials for instanced materials and example content for decal. You 'll have full explanation. (in hope it helps you)

I put my answer, with screen shot, on AnswerHub: