[HELP NEEDED] Creating Collisions within a Certain Boundary

Hey there, i am making a game in which you can travel back in time in certain areas that you can place, basically i want to be able to place a sphere and have collisions for a certain object only appear in that sphere, the idea came from a game that the yogscast played called ‘void’ Fun Friday - Void - YouTube

I currently have a sphere mask which shows invisible material but the collisions stay there.

Is this mechanic even possible to pull off in nunreal engine? if so any help would be majorly appreciated, even just a step in the right direction


You can place a trigger volume and then use that to check what objects are inside the sphere and turn their collision on or off. If I get you correctly the objects can be placed outside the sphere but do not offer collision there, so you might also put the code in the object BP and test if it collides with any of your spheres and then turn collision on or off there.

Is that the whole collision box or just part of it?