Help needed - Connecting multiple / more than one GenericUSBControllers

Hey everyone,

I’m having a hard time trying to connect a steering wheel and pedals to the engine (4.26.1). The steering wheel and the pedals are separated products, so each of them has its own USB Connection. I’m using the Plugin Windows RawInput, which recognizes the steering wheel as the GenericUSBController (see picture). The steering wheel works fine, but the pedals don’t work at all.
I’m afraid it’s because there is only one “slot” for GenericUSBControllers which is occupied by the steering wheel. I don’t have a chance to use different pedals or a different steering wheel.
Is there a way to connect more than one device via GenericUSBController? Or a way to “cast” the pedals to e.g. a Gamepad so it’s possible to use both devices at the same time?

I would be grateful, if someone has an idea how to fix this problem!