[Help Needed] Conditional (?) Triggering of Events

Hello there! I’m very new to the forums so it’s a pleasure to meet ya’ll.
I’m currently in the midst of working on a VR project - it’s a small game, and I’m in the midst of trying to figure out how to get something to work in my blueprints. I have very little prior experience to this and I’ve been learning on the go, so please be patient with me!

This is what I’m looking to happen:

First Person Character (FPC) hits Trigger Box A
Upon hitting Trigger Box A, an Actor (a lady, basically) spawns in a specific location in the game world
Once Actor appears, then second condition can happen - Trigger Box B will appear in front of her.
When FPC hits Trigger Box B, animation of lady will play.

Essentially, what’s happening here is that the lady doesn’t actually exist in the game world yet. It’s only when my FPC passes a mark (a trigger box, I presume), that she will be spawned - and only then can the second condition (Trigger Box B + animation) happen.

I’ve been trying to work this out but I’m not sure how to do it at all. All I can do is the second condition on its own - but I have no idea how to bring in the first condition (that the lady exists in the first place).

I unfortunately have no blueprint to share because none of them work… there’s no troubleshooting that can even happen because I’m honestly very lost!

If you need any further clarifications, please let me know. I hope someone can help me! Thank you so much and have a lovely day.

Hi @toastytarg

You should have /or Create
Your lady blueprint, She can have her own triggerbox, and on event beginoverlap you can chack if the player goes in the trigger and play her animation.
For the first part
I suggest you to avoid using the level blueprint, and make another actor with his trigger,
When the player enter this trigger, this actor spawn the lady-blueprint with her triggerbox.

To make these things you need to know how:
create a blueprint
add components like triggerbox
Spawn an actor from a class
Get and set relative and world position of Actors and Components
Set-up a Overlap Event (So basic know of collision)
Check the type of actor that overlap your trigger