Help Needed, Character Drop inbetween Animations

Hoping someone can help me out, an am in no means an expert (im actually an audio guy trying to better understand the rest of the engine I dont oftern see).

Im currently using the Thirdperson Blueprint, along with the animstarter pack. Ive created a new character (just a dup on the mannequin so I can keep everything together a neat). and Ive got my character set up so that he/she can walk around in “idle” mode (no gun in hand) or “combat mode” (weapon in hand). However when I switch between the two animations the character seems to drop making his feet drop below the floor before rising again into the next animation. anyone got any advice ? have i missed some settings?

the Idle stuff has come from the Thirdperson template stuff and the combat from the animation starter content.

Many thanks In advance

are you using an aimoffset? could be you misconfigured the base pose.

This seems to be an issue mixing the default Third Person skeleton with animations from the Animation Starter Pack. I’m looking into this as a bug. In the mean time please trying using all assets from the Animation Starter Pack and see if this does not resolve your issue. -Thanks.

Thanks Guys

its not a major issue for me right now as the character does as intended switches modes. though I can use them all from starter pack as they dont have animations that dont involve a weapon in hand.

Hi, this is in fact a bug I that have reported as JIRA [UE-19659]. When this is corrected, an update will be added to this post: