Help Needed (Blueprint type usage and methods)

I’m attempting to create a system that will cross check multiple variables in one blueprint to change widget variables (like text) dynamically based on the variables passed into the previous blueprint.

In short: PlayerController passes X to Blueprint A and cross checks this variable to output and change multiple variables in Widgets based on X.

The question being what type of Blueprint would work best for storing multiple pieces of data like strings, texture2D, and integers to cross check with variables from (player controller) to output the correct information in widgets’ text or ect?

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Game instance is a great place to put things you want to ferry back and forth…

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’m running into an issue with Blueprint Interfaces.

I’m attempting pass a int to the interface to tell it pull a texture2d to send that to a widget to change the texture on my image widget but it doesn’t change.

You’re using the int parameter everywhere except the widget


is that right?

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It’s only being used to go to the instance blueprint and the instance will do the rest. Will having it as an input affect the value if it’s not used in other blueprints?

Edit: Ideally. I’d pass that and another variable to Instance. The instance will read those two values and change widgets based on those values while it sets widget values like text or texture2d.

In the widget you have


In the call you have


You are passing an int, not a texture.

I thought I sent a call in the instance blueprint screenshot with a texture2d plugged in. Can you not send two calls in an interface?

You can pass as many parameters as you like.

So, why exactly does this not work on my end?

Just break it down. Is it being called? Put a print string there. If it’s being called, it will pass all parameters :slight_smile:

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So, I broke down that it wasn’t calling / passing the two variables from blueprint to another blueprint. So, at the moment I have it working through Casting. So, yeah. Interfaces will escape my understanding at the moment. Thanks for the help.

Try this: